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A book related to each article
A Taste of FunnyA Taste of Funny

by Marjorie Dorfman

Humorous and well-researched articles presented on a platter of anecdotal material about your favorite foods and drinks. Learn about the tomato and why it was originally thought to be poisonous and understand why some bottled water may be hazardous to your health. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, it is sometimes said, but in the case of A Taste of Funny, it can only make you look at the culinary cosmos with a new and more discerning eye.

House of Spirits and WhispersHouse of Spirits and Whispers:
The True Story of a Haunted House

by Annie Wilder

Annie Wilder suspected the funky 100-year-old house was haunted when she saw it for the first time. But nothing could have prepared her for the mischievous and downright scary antics that take place once she, her two children, and her cats move into the rundown Victorian home. A compelling glimpse into the otherworldly nature of the lonely spirits, protective forces, phantom pets, and departed loved ones that occupy her remarkable home, she continues to bravely live in her spooky old house.

Spring CleaningSpring Cleaning: The Spirit of Keeping Home

by Monica Nassif, Patrick Fox

Nassif gives housework's homely image a makeover in this pretty little guide to sweeping, mopping and de-junking in the grand tradition of the Spring clean. Acknowledging that few people have time for the full-blown, traditional affair, in which everything in sight gets scrubbed and polished, Nassif encourages her readers to approach cleaning as a ritual, one task at a time, and to look at "caring for your home as an extension of caring for yourself." As she moves through particular areas of the house, Nassif gives task-by-task guidelines complete with tool lists, time estimates and suggestions for celebrating a "job well done."

Art of the TableThe Art of the Table: A Complete Guide to Table Setting, Table Manners, and Tableware

by Suzanne Von Drachenfels

Correct use of tableware and confidence-building information about proper dining etiquette. Defines the vocabulary of tableware and explains the selection, use, and care of dinnerware, flatware, stemware, and table linens. Expertly details the basic service techniques for all types of entertainment, and even includes advice on menu planning. Learn how to read the labels of wine bottles or how to filet a fish at the table; learn where and when to sit down and the proper way to eat finger foods. Fascinating tidbits of social and culinary history.

Art of Napkin FoldingThe Simple Art of Napkin Folding: 94 Fancy Folds for Every Tabletop Occasion

by Linda Hetzer

Duplicate those beautiful napkin folds you've admired at elegant restaurants and memorable events. It's easy with Linda Hetzer's detailed step-by-step directions and illustrations. Using cloth or paper napkins, create standing triangular-shaped folds (the "Tavern") for dinner parties. A few accordion pleats transforms a piece of cloth into the "Poinsettia." Need festive ideas for a children's birthday party? Make "Sailboats" or "Paper Airplanes." Graduate to more intricate designs that combine napkins with silverware, flowers, and wineglasses.

British CutleryBritish Cutlery: An Illustrated History of Design, Evolution and Use

by Peter Brown

The remarkable collection formed over the last forty-five years by Bill Brown, one that is particularly strong in the early periods not often represented in museum collections. Chapters on the evolution of cutlery design; the development of eating implements across five millennia; advances in design and usage and the influences from Europe. Illustrations of over six hundred pieces, especially photographed for the book.

Uses for Everyday Things, vol 2
Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things

by Cy Tymony

How to Turn a Calculator into a Metal Detector, Carry a Survival Kit in a Shoestring, Make a Gas Mask with a Balloon, Turn Dishwashng Liquid into a Copy Machine, Convert a Styrofoam Cup into a Speaker, and Make a James Bond Spy Jacket with Everyday Things. These days, "be prepared" applies to more than just the Boy Scouts. This book provides loads of practical ideas, science projects, and captivating solutions for dealing with life's unexpected challenges. Great fun for the curious, inventive, and creative of all ages.

Let's Wrap
Let's Wrap!
Spectacular Gift Wrapping Made Easy

by Linda Summerlin

Professional gift wrapper Linda Summerlin shows you how to wrap your gifts with unusual elements such as party favors, ornaments, toys, candles, magnets, jewelry, placemats, and even miniature lights! Whether you’re crafty or craft-challenged, you will discover how easy it is to make personalized, extraordinary gift wrapping that will put the WOW into your gift giving! Make the wrapping part of the gift!

Uses For Everyday Things, vol 1Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things

by Cy Tymony

Subtitled: How to Turn a Penny into a Radio, Make a Flood Alarm with an Aspirin, Change Milk into Plastic, Extract Water and Electricity from Thin Air, Turn on a TV with Your Ring, and Other Amazing Feats, this book is more than a simple do-it-yourself guide, this quirky collection is a valuable resource for transforming ordinary objects into the extraordinary. With over 80 solutions and bonus applications at your disposal, you will be ready for almost any situation. A very interesting read.

Gift Wrapping
The Gift Wrapping Book
Over 150 Ideas for All Occasions

by Caroline Birkett

Gift wrapping, according to former textile designer Birkett, is a feat to be accomplished and then admired. Her instructions include those both nimble and not. They range from covering a basic box to fashioning crackers for all occasions. There is something for everyone in these 150-plus different projects. Large color photographs, and tips on methods. A must for the holiday season.

Do It Yourself GuideLynda Lyday's Do-It-Yourself:
The Illustrated, Step-by-Step Guide to the Most Popular Home Renovation and Repair Projects

by Lynda Lyday

An easy, accessible, room-by-room guide to the most common home repair and improvement projects that the author is asked about on her television show. She shares her expert techniques, along with fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions, so just about anyone can learn to get a job done right in less time and for less money!

Homeowner's ManualThe Homeowner's Manual

by Lynda Lyday

Things break, spring leaks, and sometimes just need to be properly maintained, but you usually have to consult a separate guide for each issue. Not any longer. This book will help you make decisions regarding maintenance and repair. Illustrations and a knowledgeable author will not only cover the basics from A to Z, but will also provide you with safety tips.

Candlemaking for Fun & Profit
Candlemaking for Fun & Profit

by Michelle Espino

This book covers several of the modern day subjects that many candlemaking books don't! It touches on Gel wax, Soy wax, and fragrance throw, just to name a few. It is very complete and detailed, as well as inspiring and easy to follow. It also has an extensive chapter on the business side of the craft, giving lots of advice on craft shows and many other ways of making money with your craft, as well as what you need to know for setting up a business. I'd consider this one a must-have for any serious candlemaker's library!

Candle Making
Basic Candle Making:
All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started

by Eric Ebeling

Step-by-step color photographs and descriptive detail make this book indispensable for beginners looking to create beautiful and functional scented candles on their very first try, and for experienced crafters who want to sharpen their skills. Includes guidelines for buying tools and materials, preparing the workspace, and working safely and effectively. A must for lovers of the art of making candles!

Autonomous RobotsAutonomous Robots
From Biological Inspiration to Implementation and Control

by George A. Bekey

An overview of the field, the many case studies and specific applications include robots built for research, industry, and the military, among them underwater robotic vehicles, walking machines with four, six, and eight legs, and the famous humanoid robots Cog, Kismet, ASIMO, and QRIO. Concludes with reflections on the future of robotics.

The PlaymakersThe Playmakers:
Amazing Origins of Timeless Toys

by Tim Walsh

A fun book that feels like it should accompany a museum exhibition. Centered on toys that sold at least 10 million copies, Walsh's account gives the particulars of 75 toys that enchanted American kids from 1900 to the 1990s.

Feng Shui Your LifeFeng Shui Your Life

by Jayme Barrett

This book provides an intelligent, simple, solution oriented approach to lifting the energy and increasing the harmony/blessings of each area/room of your house and garden. Thoroughly enjoyable reading. The kind of book that you keep. And read again and again.

Refrigerator RepairCheap and Easy! Refrigerator Repair
Written Especially for Do-It-Yourselfers, Trade Schools, and Other "Green" Technicians!

by Douglas Emley

This book addresses the most common problems found in almost all brands of refrigerators and tells how to fix them. Written ESPECIALLY for Do-It-Yourselfers and all those brave souls who dare.

The Kitchen Sink CookbookThe Kitchen Sink Cookbook:
Offbeat Recipes from Unusual Ingredients

by Carolyn Wyman

A treasure trove of unconventional, surprising, and just plain weird recipes sure to provoke even the most jaded palate. Dishes that get their "zing" from secret, unexpected ingredients (chow mein candy, twelve-tea-bag soup); delicacies that make the most of nature (dandelion mini-pizzas, rattlesnake chili); concoctions that evolved from food fashions and obsessions (Velveeta fudge, apple lasagne). For a friend with a cookbook shelf, this book will be a standout. And, not too surprising, teenagers rave about it.

A Thousand Years Over a Hot StoveA Thousand Years Over a Hot Stove
A History of American Women Told through Food, Recipes, and Remembrances

by Laura Schenone

Schenone has attempted to cover more than a millennium in women's history, tossing in historically interesting recipes along the way. A stunningly illustrated book that celebrates the power of food throughout American history and in women's lives. Filled with classic recipes and inspirational stories.

Cut The Clutter And Stow The StuffCut The Clutter And Stow The Stuff

This book contains many terrific clutter-cutting tips that put everyone just five steps away from a clutter free home. Make your own unique style and personality work with you in the fight against household clutter! Yea team!

Flowers for the TableFlowers for the Table: Arrangements and Bouquets for All Seasons

by Ariella Chezar, Elise Cannon, Shaun Sullivan

Ariella Chezar throws out old rules about greenery and presents us with a wealth of new gifts to decorate our homes. Her ideas incorporate a few classics like roses and peonies, but also make use of grapes, persimmons, olive branches, and Asian eggplants. Containing stunning photography and straightforward suggestion, Flowers for the Table will give you both inspiration and specific direction whether you're planning a wedding or just looking to dazzle your dinner guests.

Are We There Yet?Are We There Yet?

by Lori Clinch

Having four sons provides great fodder for writing a book about real-life parenting. With refreshing honesty, Lori Clinch relates true and hilarious experiences she has had raising her family. Her book is not meant to guide or tell you how to parent, but with a little luck may make you smile or realize that every parent follows a similar path riddled with the same obstacles.

Finishing Basements and AtticsFinishing Basements and Attics: Ideas and Projects for Expanding Your Living Space

by Black & Decker Home Improvement Library

This book shows homeowners how to accomplish perhaps the greatest and most rewarding of all do-it-yourself projects: converting the unfinished space in a basement or attic into comfortable, safe, and truly customized living areas. Dozens of step-by-step projects and over 300 color photos and illustrations.

Complete Basements, Attics & Bonus RoomsComplete Basements, Attics & Bonus Rooms: Plan & Build Your Dream Space

by Better Homes and Gardens Books

Homeowners often solve space dilemmas by reclaiming "extra" spaces in the attic, basement, or garage. This book inspires and educates with hands-on details, planning advice, and doable projects.

Making Peace with the Things in Your LifeMaking Peace with the Things in Your Life: Why Your Papers, Books, Clothes, and Other Possessions Keep Overwhelming You and What to Do About It

by Cindy Glovinsky

Do you spend much of your time struggling against the growing ranks of papers, books, clothes, housewares, mementos, and other possessions that seem to multiply when you're not looking? Whether you're drowning in clutter or just looking for a new way to deal with the perennial challenge of organizing and managing material things, this fresh and reassuring approach is sure to help.

The Organizing SourcebookThe Organizing Sourcebook: Nine Strategies for Simplifying Your Life

by Kathy Waddill

Are piles of stuff cluttering your flat surfaces? Do you ever clean up one pile only to have another one reappear? Does it seem like everyone else is more organized than you are? Are you sick and tired of feeling like your life is out of control? If so, read this book to see how other people tackled common organizing problems and solved them. Then learn to apply the same principles to yourself.

The Bathtub Yoga & Relaxation BookThe Bathtub Yoga & Relaxation Book: Yoga in the Bath for Energy, Vitality & Pleasure

by Marjorie Jaffe, Barbara Isenberg

Learn how to combine a relaxing bath with stress-reducing yoga for the ultimate restorative experience. Beautiful, full color presentations of water yoga and stretches, breathing exercises, and meditations help you discover an easy way to relieve tension and maintain fitness

Fat of the Land: The Garbage Of New YorkFat of the Land: The Garbage Of New York –The Last Two Hundred Years

by Benjamin Miller

This deeply researched, eclectic history of how New York has handled its increasingly mountainous accumulations of trash is social and political history at its best. A panoramic view of New York's garbage takes us from the earliest antebellum collectors, to 19th-century barons trading in fertilizers and explosives, to the current feuding bureaucrats and environmentalists. A notably elegant treatment.

Christmas Decorations from WilliamsburgChristmas Decorations from Williamsburg

by Susan Hight Rountree

The special holiday decorations and festive recipes that have long been associated with a Williamsburg Christmas are featured in this colorful gift book from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Beautiful photography, descriptive text, and 28 charming color drawings present a wealth of ideas for creating a Williamsburg Christmas in your own home.

Holiday Lights!: Brilliant Displays to Inspire Your Christmas CelebrationHoliday Lights!: Brilliant Displays to Inspire Your Christmas Celebration

by David Seidman

There are folks who put on such dazzling Christmas light displays that their houses are listed as attractions in their local newspapers. If you want something that will make you smile and shake your head in amazement and disbelief and you love a sparkly Christmas, this book is for you. Some of the decorations are beautiful, some staggering in scope and some just so much plain fun. From the ridiculous to the sublime.

Eccentric SpacesEccentric Spaces

by Robert Harbison

Palaces and haunted houses, Victorian parlors, Renaissance sculpture gardens, factories, hill-towns, ruins, cities, even novels and paintings constructed around such environments: The subject is the human imagination – and the mysterious interplay between the imagination and the spaces it has made for itself to live in. Eccentric Spaces is a magical book, an intellectual adventure, a celebration.

An Elegant Madness: High Society in Regency EnglandAn Elegant Madness: High Society in Regency England

by Venetia Murray

Against a backdrop of artistic triumphs and industrial progress, working-class riots and the twenty-year war with France, Venetia Murray's sparking narrative is lavishly illustrated through rare contemporary cartoons, prints, diaries, and caricatures – some newly discovered and never before reproduced. An Elegant Madness is a book of airy delights and surprising depths that reveals a fabled age in all of its varied splendor.

Porcelain God: A Social History of The ToiletPorcelain God: A Social History of The Toilet

by Julie L. Horan

This unique history contends that civilization began not with the written word, but with the toilet. An amusing diversion and the ultimate bathroom book.

Talking Dirty With The Queen of CleanTalking Dirty With The Queen of Clean

by Linda Cobb

Armed with both common sense and ingenuity, Linda Cobb's book is a must for anyone who has a house to clean. Solutions are as surprising as they are useful. Grab a mop and start right away!

The New Yorker Book of Cat CartoonsThe New Yorker Book of Cat Cartoons

A must for cat lovers! One hundred and one feline attitudes and traits as seen through the eyes of some of the funniest cartoonists who have contributed to the New Yorker magazine over the last sixty five years

Memoirs of a PapillionMemoirs of a Papillon: The canine Guide To Living With Humans Without Going Mad

by Dennis Fried, PhD

Genevieve tells it like it is and lets the dog biscuits fall where they may! This is a fun read for anyone, even cats who sometimes have to share their living space with dogs!

Natural Crafts from America's BackyardsNatural Crafts from America's Backyards

by Ellen Spector Platt

This book contains step by step instructions for a variety of craft projects, ranging from flower arrangements to jewelry to table decorations, as well as tips on drying flowers and finding cheap substitutes for craft projects.

Mechanical and Spacial AptitudeMechanical and Spacial Aptitude

by Learning Express

This text includes some basic knowledge of tools and fasteners as well as test taking tips. Good preparation for do-it-yourself and even civil service exams.

Clutter ControlClutter Control; Putting Your Home On A Diet

A short, easy to read book for packrats substituting as real people. It offers precise and practical suggestions for the person who simply cannot throw anything away.

Windows of Frank Lloyd WrightLight Screens: The Complete Leaded Glass Windows of Frank Lloyd Wright

An impressively researched volume about how Wright revolutionized a centuries-old art form. Includes a wealth of illustrations including rarely seen drawings and on-site photographs made specially for this book.

Collapsible: The Genius of Space Saving DesignCollapsible: The Genius of Space Saving Design

Collapsible by Per Mollerup is a comprehensive survey of all that breaks down, balls up, pulls apart and stacks together. It includes everything from Murphy beds to cameras that collapse and keyboards that curl.

Too Busy To Clean?Too Busy To Clean? Over 500 Tips and Techniques To Make Housekeeping Easier

The object of housework is to do the basic work necessary in the fastest and least painful way. Author Patti Barrett offers the reader a wealth of tips and short-cuts for the complete cleaning novice. A big help!

The HouseguestThe Houseguest

A rich novel of Irish immigration and loss set in the 1930s.

Houseplants For DummiesHouseplants For Dummies

This book will help you turn your home into a greenhouse with its houseplant growing tips and techniques. Follow these easy guidelines for selecting healthy plants and keeping them lush and full of life.

Household Conveniences; And How To Make ThemHousehold Conveniences; And How To Make Them

First published in 1884, this guide offers an amazing picture of every day life in the late 19th-century. It presents more than 100 devices whose aim was to lighten the labor for "overworked house-keepers." An edifying read for history buffs and others as well.

Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping HouseHome Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House

The author paints an amusing picture of the Art of Housekeeping. From germ consciousness to the finer points of cleaning and laundering, she warmly and expertly shares her knowledge of how to keep house.

Lighten Up! Free Yourself From ClutterLighten Up! Free Yourself From Clutter

This book is written for people who are looking for ways to change their cluttered lives. It is the first book of its kind to view cleaning clutter not as a burdensome chore but as a transformational experience.

The Official Rent A Husband Guide To A Safe And Problem Free HomeThe Official Rent A Husband Guide To A Safe And Problem Free Home

The authors focus on women learning how to take charge and do their own repairs around the home. A way to fix all those drips, drops, squeaks and cracks. Funny and informative.

Better Homes and GardensBetter Homes and Gardens

Subscribe to this wonderful monthly magazine designed for men and women who are interested in making their homes and families the focal point of their lives.

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