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gift wrappingGift Wrapping: An Art Form With Some Dos and Don’ts
by Marjorie Dorfman

It’s that time of year for presents and wrapping and dazzling madness in all shapes and sizes; in other words, "the holidays" are here. No matter what you believe, this means exchanging gifts and wrapping them. Here are some tried and mostly true tips about wrapping holiday packages to both avoid and consider (but not at the same time).

mom gift wrapsDon’t forget to tag your gifts IMMEDIATELY after you wrap them, especially if you finish shopping early and get really proud of yourself. One year, I found myself out of gift tags but I had plenty of gift-wrap and ribbon. I wrapped the gifts, telling myself I would be sure to remember which was which when I got around to buying tags which I promised myself would be the next day. More than a week passed before I finally bought them, and by that time, I had forgotten which gift was for whom. Also I forgot my business card printing, or I could have marked each one that way. I had to open and rewrap all of them because all of the packages were more or less the same size and my mind drew a complete blank on what I had bought and for whom. Even if you think it will save time by wrapping and then tagging afterwards, trust me, it won’t.

son wraps giftsDo not wrap your gifts in front of cats, unless they are busy mating or otherwise completely preoccupied. There’s something about colorful, moving ribbon that a cat cannot resist and if you are not careful, the ribbon will end up all over your house and person before you can even think to scream, "stop it."

Try buying solid-colored wrapping paper. It is much more versatile and can be made to look just as pretty as any holiday wrap with the proper ribbons and such. This way, you will not need to go out and buy extra paper for an unexpected shower, baby or birthday gift. Pick many different colors. Your choice of ribbons can enhance all of your all-occasion paper. If you can, buy cloth ribbons and ties. They can be re-used, and with just a moment’s effort on an ironing board become brand new. Why not save when you can?

Do not use your bed as a cutting board for a sharp pair of scissors unless you are not fond of the sheets and comforter you currently own. If you are easily distracted, you may end up cutting up bed linen that wasn’t in your original plans. I once sewed a skirt to my comforter and blanket while watching television. This can happen to you even if you think it can’t. Once again, you will have to take my word for it.

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